Hellsing, Iscariot, and Millennium! Oh, my!

Plus the Drifters and anything else Hirano.

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Hellsing (and Drifters, too)
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"Welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring!" (The Count's greeting to Jonathan Harker) -
Dracula by Bram Stoker

"In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen." - Hellsing Organziation

This community was designed for Hellsing fans, people who enjoy Hellsing, have great fondness for the characters etc...

PLEASE no character bashing (yes, this includes Incognito). What is "bashing" - basically it's a complete and total putdown with zero respect shown to a character. There is nothing wrong with not caring for a character but bashing goes way too far and it upsets other members. So please, don't do it in here or any other fan community unless you want to be very unpopular with everybody.

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*New* (9-1-2015) Drifters anime is in the works1

(11-8-2014) Good News!!! Toonami will be airing the final two episodes.

(10-24-2014) Toonami won't be airing the last two episodes.

(8-23-2014) Hellsing OVA is coming soon to Adult Swim's Toonami.

(5-17-2014) The last two Hellsing Ultimate are finally getting released.

(12-30-2012) From io9: No, David S. Goyer is not directing a live-action Hellsing movie.

(12-26-2012) The final OVA has a Drifters anime short.

(11-24-2012) Call to Arms review of OVA I-IV Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack boxed set.

(10-30-2012) Hellsing Ultimate DVD/Blu-ray Set 1 was released today.

(8-11-2012) OVA X trailer.

(8-8-2012) Blu-ray & DVD Combo Pack slated for release on October 16th 2012. See CtA's news post for more details.

(4-2-2012) AnimeNewsNetwork's Astro Toy review of Revoltech Alucard.

(2-17-2012) OVA IX Japanese release is here. Downloads and YouTube links.

(2-12-2012) Hellsing DATABOOK Announced & THE DAWN Mini-Volume Release.

(1-27-2012) New Hellsing IX teaser.

(1-17-2012) Call To Arms First Cast Interview! Patrick Seitz & OVA IX Cover Art!

(1-1-2012) Happy New Year! Hellsing OVA IX trailer.

Anyone who is interested in seeing the Crispin Freeman's Easter egg from I My Me! Strawberry Eggs where he's doing the Alucard persona - here you go.

There's been some confusion (thanx to a past bad fan translation) about Rip not being a vampire but a werewolf. She is a VAMPIRE!!! The "werewolf" is a title/name for a type of Nazi soldier which she is. Schrodinger is "werewolf" only in title as well (Hirano at AnimeExpo 2005 did in response to a fan question confirm that Schrodinger is a "neko" - Japanese for "cat" - and that he was also created by Doc). However there is ONE actual werewolf (lycan) character (read here if you want to know who it is). The following was written by mr_mitts and should straighten things out -
A Chartered Treatise On Nazis, Vampirism & The Occult Within Hellsing Relating To The Millennium Group, Its Factual and Fictional Nature (Or, what I like to call - 'Factional Nature') And How It Relates Within The Wider Picture

Yes, there is a difference between "Hellsing" and "Van Helsing" - AnimeNation's "Ask John" and or ask ASHN's Sir Integra if you dare - LOL!!!

Due to there being so many Hellsing sites out there and poor newbies getting overwhelmed Googling, decided to list a few links to make things a bit easier for everybody -

And Shine Heaven Now, and Call to Arms are all good "Start here" places for Hellsing info, finding other Hellsing related sites/fans, and linking to. For Drifters; go to hirano_drifters.

A few Hellsing related LJ Communities -

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Common questions asked and (hopefully) answered:

1: Is there going to be a second anime season by Gonzo?
Nope, their anime series was meant to be for one TV season.

2: How many manga volumes are there?
The series ended at 10. All English volumes (published by Dark Horse) are out in the US.

3: Where can I buy the manga?
You can buy it at just about any comic/book seller - here's a few links for those who like to shop online -
www.amazon.co.jp (for the Japanese release)

It's published by Dark Horse (the US release) and was in Young King Ours (the Japanese release) until the series ended.

4: Are there Nazis in the manga?
Yes there are and it's a organization called Millennium (aka "Millennium Group").

5: Is there a manga prequel?
Yes Kohta Hirano wrote the "Dawn" (aka "The Dawn") which appeared in the Young King Ours specials which dealt with a fourteen year old Walter (aka "Young Walter") and a very feminine looking Alucard with bangs and a white pillbox hat (aka "Girlycard" aka "Femcard") in the time of WWII.

Also, a number of the current Hellsing characters have 'counterparts' in Hirano's early hentai (adult) works.

ASHN's Visual Aid/List of Hirano's Past&Current Works

6: The ending of the Gonzo anime was a bit weird. Was this contained in the manga?
Nope, the anime followed the manga reasonably well for eps 1-6, 7 was loosely based on the manga and episode 10 was another manga episode. But the other episodes came from the minds of Gonzo.

7: Are Incognito, Ferguason, Helena, and Bubbancy contained in the manga?
Nope these were anime only characters. I'm still myself wondering where they dragged Incognito from Oo;

8: Hey, I just discovered Alucard is Dracula backwards! What does that mean?
There are several allusions to Alucard being Dracula, or at least a descendent/genetically modified version throughout the series. See if you can spot em ;)

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